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Closing the Gender Super Gap

The superannuation gap is caused by unequal pay, hours spent on unpaid work and the fact that most women work part-time or casually.  Here are our top tips on boosting your super and closing this gap:

Did you know that there is $18 billion dollars of lost super out there?


Some could be yours.

You can find your lost super on MyGov, here’s how.

Many women have more than one super account.


This is expensive as it means that you are paying administration fees and insurance costs more than once. Pick just one fund to transfer your money into.

Here are some tips on consolidating.

Adding small amounts to your super constantly adds up over time, particularly due to compound interest, which is where you interest earns interest, boosting your super balance over time.


How much will I need to retire?

ASFA says that the average single person needs $545,000 for a comfortable retirement, and the average couple needs $640,000


How do I choose a Super Fund?

When choosing a super fund make sure you consider both the fees and the performance of the fund.  Here are some great tips on picking a fund.


How much insurance do I need in my Fund?

Did you know that you probably have life insurance via your super fund?  And maybe income protection insurance?  It’s worth checking how much you have and whether it is right for you.



Find your lost super

Consolidate your super

Contribute more

Sobering facts :

- Women retire with 58% less super than men
- The average woman has only enough for 6 years of retirement
- 40% of single women enter retirement in poverty
- The fastest growing group of homeless people is the 55 year old woman

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Super Rewards is an online shopping platform where you earn cash rewards when doing your household shopping online.


We take these cash rewards and pay them into your super fund.  This means that you can boost your super without taking any money out of your own pocket, instead the money comes from Australia's leading retailers.


If you are eligible for the Government Co-Contribution, every dollar from retailers could be matched by 50c from the Government.


Sign up to Super Rewards and start earning your rewards today.


Did you know, depending on your income, the government will pay in up to 50 cents for every one dollar you contribute yourself from your after-tax income?


This is particularly important for those earning less than $37,000. For this group, if you put in $1000 after tax, the government will contribute $500 to your super - that’s a 50%, risk-free return!

Rewards + Govt Co-Contribution + Compound Interest = More Super


Super Rewards


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